Thanks to Octopark.IO

Find the perfect parking space based on price, availability and infrastructure
Get to the parking lot of your choice quickly and safely
Easily book a parking space
You can check prices and buy a parking subscription
Easily and conveniently pay for parking in the app
You will use the parking lot without no need of getting a ticket
Download parking invoices
Check the number and history of transactions


Saving time

Faster and more efficient entry/exit from the parking lot without the need to collect a paper ticket.

Online payment support. You don't need to use cash registers and vending machines to pay for parking

Easier access to information

About parking networks with the function of navigation to the selected parking lot

about the number of available parking spaces

about prices and current promotions at a particular parking lot


reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection

No need to deal with tickets and cash

all operations are performed remotely through an application on the phone

Simplifying payments

mobile parking payment in the app without having to waste time paying at a parking ticket office or vending machine

option to download an invoice

An ecological solution

Reducing exhaust emissions while waiting in the parking lot

reducing the consumption of paper tickets

Convenience and safety

Service provided under the SAAS model
Cloud infrastructure
Most reputable data centers

for drivers

An application that allows you to quickly find a parking space, pay and control expenses
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for operators

comprehensive system to manage parking lots from anywhere
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