A comprehensive solution for operators

Technology makes it easier for drivers and operators to use modern parking spaces

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Octopark.IO is a comprehensive system for managing parking lots from anywhere, so you can:
verify ongoing sessions
change parking operation data
have a view from CCTV cameras
track the number of bookings
control possible violations
review and analyze the geographic data of your customers
check the departure and arrival times of customers
track the number of transactions on a specific day

Key benefits of implementation

Savings on shopping

By minimizing the amount of expensive equipment, you will significantly reduce the expenses associated with the purchase of a parking system, the functionality of which will be replaced by an application.

Less equipment = less expense

OctoPark reduces the number of paper tickets and consumables. It also saves on service - management by the app reduces the number and intensity of devices in the parking infrastructure.

Full automation

You will optimize the work of employees and reduce their workload when handling customers and parking equipment

Maximum throughput

Paying for the use of parking in the app makes the traffic of cars in the parking lot faster and more efficient. Lost or unpaid parking tickets at the ticket office are no longer a problem, so there are no delays or traffic jams.

An ecological solution

The implementation of the application significantly increases the capacity in the parking lot which reduces CO2 emissions and air pollution levels in the parking lot. With OctoPark you don't need paper tickets so you reduce your impact on the environment.

Data in one place

Having access to detailed information on parking utilization allows us to make continuous improvements to the way we manage parking and influence the further development of our smart parking solution.


For those who are unable to download the app or encounter a problem using it, our team of specialists has created a hybrid solution. A modern parking meter that allows you to use the parking lot without using the app, paying for the session using a contactless method.

Convenience and safety

Service provided under the SAAS model
Cloud infrastructure
Most reputable data centers

for drivers

An application that allows you to quickly find a parking space, pay and control expenses
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for operators

comprehensive system to manage parking lots from anywhere
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