What are the benefits of a license plate recognition system?

Ola Skirzynska

According to the results of a 2020 survey, more than 86.6 percent of households in Poland had at least one car. The increase in the number of cars is felt especially in the city, which, in terms of parking spaces, is "shrinking" year by year. This is causing parking lot owners to try to implement solutions that will improve the flow of cars and traffic in their facilities. Such a solution is definitely a license plate recognition system, which noticeably reduces the time it takes to enter and exit a parking lot.

What is a license plate recognition system?

A license plate recognition system is a technology that can automatically read and record data from vehicle license plates. Such a system consists of a camera that is equipped with algorithms that allow it to read and record data from license plates.  

Automatic license plate recognition, is a technology used to identify vehicles from a digital image or video. It uses optical character recognition to read the license plate, which is then compared to a database of registered vehicle numbers.

Parking system with plate recognition - what are its advantages?

The implementation and use of a license plate recognition system is a simple, cost-effective and reliable system that can be customized to both facility specifications and business requirements - the technology is easy to install.

The use of this system allows for the automation and effective monitoring of vehicles, which ensures security and is a support for payment processing in our facilities. It's also a reliable way to effectively control parking spaces in facilities such as supermarkets, shopping malls, gyms, business estates, hotels, government-managed land and more.

A license plate recognition system can increase a company's revenue by using data on traffic volumes at a given time of day, emergency locations and customer parking usage preferences. For example, the system can use the data to create more precise behavioral analysis that will allow us to implement solutions in the parking lot that are better tailored to the needs of specific user groups.

OctoPark uses the plate recognition system as part of our parking monitoring and management solution. For each license plate recognition system installation, we combine technology to help us design a tailored solution for a specific facility - regardless of size, location or traffic volume. By setting the parameters and business requirements in the system, we can design rules such as:special permits, staff entry, free parking for a limited time, parking for a specific hour.

If you're thinking about improving your parking lot, a plate recognition system will allow you to visibly maximize parking revenue by leveling unnecessary congestion at the entrance and exit, and provide your customers with a better experience of your parking lot.

And remember: When implementing parking monitoring technology, bet on a tried and tested vendor that will also provide you with technical support.  

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